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Welcome To Sri Balaji Engineers

About Our Company

Sri Balaji Engineers is one of the market leader in manufacturing Supermarket Racks, Display Racks and all retail racking systems that come in premium quality and high durability. Our benchmark quality control strategies has made our products one of the sought after ones in the market.

We have emerged as one stop destination for almost every racking requirement with a wide range of choices that includes Supermarket racks, Center Gandola (A), End Gandola (G), Wall Gandola (L) etc..,
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Why Choose Sri Balaji Engineers?

We are highly acknowledged organization engaged in presenting remarkable range of Supermarket Racks products.

Compact design

Extensive experience in making compact design racking solutions. We make all rack products with many design.

Best Quality

Sri Balaji engineers has captured the market as a renowned label with a good reputation for premium quality products.

Highly Durable

Our supermarket racks and equipment are available in a highly competitive price with unmatchable durability & quality.

Quick Delivery

We are known for our fast & prompt delivery and extended service to our clients. We deliver our quality racks on time.

Supermarket Racks

Racks & Accessories

Racks? If you are looking for quality racks for shop, we are one of the leading racks manufacturers in and also we provide best quality of supermarket racks, display racks, grocery racks, industrial racks, storage racks, gondola racks, Fifo racks, fruit & vegetable racks, Steel rack, Check Out Counter, Glass Counter, Wheel Basket, Shopping Basket, Stall Bin, Impulse Bin, Broom Stand, Alligator Rack, Trolley and related components and fittings to the commercial and industrial building services contracting industry. we offer quality best.


Supermarket Racks

We have extensive experience in the Supermarket racks industry and are able to offer one-stop solution for all retail / warehouse racking systems and checkout counters.

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Vegetable and Fruits Racks

We specialize in making vegetable racks for the supermarket or any store to get the best racking systems, and we have the best raking solution for all your needs.

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Electronic Display Racks

We specialize in making electronic display racks for the supermarket or any store to get the best racking systems, and we have the best raking solution for all your needs.

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HyperMarket Racks

We specialize in making hypermarket racks or any store to get the best racking systems, and we have the best raking solution for all your needs.

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fifo rack

Industrial Racks

We specialist in Heavy Duty racks, Pallet racks, Fifo Racks, Steel Racks, Industrial Storage Rack, slotted angle racks and related components and fittings

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Racks Accessories

The racks are tailor made to customer requirement and available in Completely steel or metal Composite. The design is completely modular and allow to fast and easy assembly. 
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Our Team Expert are best installers will work any time, 24 hours and in any location in Tamil Nadu, Podicherry, Karnataka or throughout India. Our Team Installers do all necessary works to complete set up, so all you have to do is fill the shelves and start ready for to do your business.


We offer cost-effective delivery of shop shelving, shop fittings and display cabinets throughout the Tamilnadu, Pondichery, Karnataka and Kerala as well as places like, Delhi, Mumbai, Many of our customers are surprised at how cheaply we can deliver. Just ask us for a quote.

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Racks & Accessories

Looking for Racks for Supermarket racks or any racks for shop like display racks, industrial racks, storage racks ? See below for different designs and types.