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Multi Tier Racks

Multi Tier Racks Manufacturer

Support by themselves and can be designed as multi-layer floors Staircase, railing, and elevators are provided Floor supporting racks have complete sizes and models; floors can be flat plates checkered plates, steel chromium plates, and wood plates Suitable for higher warehouse, light goods manual handling and large storage capacity Floor panel with high load capacity, low cost, quick construction Can be designed into one layer or multi-layers according to actual situation

Multi Tier Racks

Product Specification
Storage Capacity 250 Kg/Layer
Height 7 Feet
Usage/Application Warehouse
Material Mild Steel
Surface Treatment Paint Coated
Minimum Order Quantity 20
Product Description

Ensures the fullest space utilization Parts upright poles, stairs, flat plates, checkered plates steel chromium plates, protecting columns etc. Material high-quality steel.

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Multi Tier Rack Models

Multi Tier Racks 001

Multi Tier Racks 002

Multi Tier Racks 003

Multi Tier Racks 004

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